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About Us

We’re Ursula and Matt Johnston and we are the owners of Battle Creek Ranch. We have called Wells Gray our home for about 20 years. Horses, Ranching and farming have been our life for years. 

About 3 years ago we could make our dream of our own ranch come true. We have a small cow/calf operation here and also run a hay farm and a few head of horses. Professionally we both started out as farriers and we ran a horseback-riding company here for years. Life took us in a slightly different direction now and we are busy with ranching, farming, gardening and ride our horses whenever we can. We have a natural approach to work on our farm and are happy to share our interests with our guests. 

Ursula is originally from Austria and speaks German too. 

Ursula & Matt Johnston

Your Western-holidays at Battle Creek Ranch


We want you to feel comfortable in our farm suites. Enjoy your vacation days with a western feel in Wells Gray. Our 2 suites are well equipped with everything you need. If you miss anything, please do not hesitate to ask. Please feel free to make use of the fire pit and of course the BBQ on the patio. If you had a good time with us, we would be pleased if you left a good review on Tripadvisor or another platform for us.

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